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As a former Texas judge and experienced expunction attorney in Fort Bend County, I know of the criminal justice system and can help you file a petition for an expunction. When clients retain our legal services, we immediately begin work on their case and offer a variety of options for obtaining an expunction order or a petition for a non-disclosure seal.

What Is Expunction? Criminal record expunction – also known as “expungement” – is the legal process of removing a criminal arrest record from public records. (Technically speaking, the record is “expunged.”) Why Seek Expunction? Having criminal charges on your record makes your life difficult in a number of ways: It can hinder you from attaining a lease on an apartment. It can make employers apprehensive about hiring you. You could be denied admission to schools and colleges. Do You Qualify for Expunction? Expunging your criminal records in Texas is a time-consuming process that should only be attempted with a knowledgeable expunction attorney by your side. Only certain criminal offenses can be expunged for defendants. Some criminal offenses require a 5-year waiting period before a petition for expunction can be filed. Other types of crimes may only be eligible for “sealing,” or non-disclosure to the public. Find out which one you’re eligible for, so you can begin a new life without a criminal past. The State Bar Association of Texas states that you may be eligible for expunction if: – “Not-Guilty” verdict after a trial hearing – Acquitted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals – Conviction is pardoned by the Governor – Completing a deferred adjudication for a Class C misdemeanor

Call Expunction Lawyer David Hunter Today! I will do everything possible to give you a clean record. My experience as an expunction attorney and a judge gives me the upper hand in the courtroom. Call me today at (281) 265-1515 or schedule online for a free legal consultation. Clear your future while clearing your criminal records.