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DUI/DWI Prevention Tips

1. Don’t Drink and Drive This should be one of the easiest holiday DWI prevention to think of. There’s no better way to prevent the action without actually not performing the action. The best way to stay safe is to avoid drinking and driving.

2. Eat Up If you didn’t already know this, eating helps to sober you up when drinking. Food helps to absorb the alcohol into your bloodstream. It’s best to start drinking on a full stomach. So, if you really enjoy eating, go right ahead! Dig in and eat some food to help sober you up.

3. Stagger Your Drinks More than likely, you’re not at Oktoberfest or even a Project X party. You don’t need to slam down drink after drink. Chances are, you won’t even know drunk you are until a few drinks in. That’s when it’ll really hit you. Try and drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. The good thing is water not only helps with hydrating you but can also help with avoiding hangovers.

4. Know Your Limits Chances are, you already know how much you can drink before you start to feel a buzz. Know your limits before going out to drink. Give yourself two or three drinks and decide if that’s where you should place your cut-off. Be smart and drink smart.

5. Stop Drinking Early You don’t have to pre-game before going out. Go out and enjoy yourself and the people around you. There’s no need to get a head start on your drinking.

6. Sleep it Off Yes, you can take a power nap to help sober you up. Take a nap on the couch if you can.

7. Find a Place to Stay If you know you can’t drive home, then you should find a place to stay. See if you can spend the night at a friend’s house. Or if not, then you can get a hotel room for the night. Don’t get on the road if you know you can’t drive.

8. Drive on Your Best Behavior Police are extra vigilant during the holidays. It pays to stay safe. Driving your best doesn’t just prevent you from getting a ticket, but it helps makes the roads a safer place for all.

9. Don’t Let Others Drive Drunk Try to look out for your friends and family. If you see that they’re not in good shape to drive, take the keys away from them. Be a good friend and look out for each other.


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