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Are you facing serious criminal charges and looking for the best DWI attorney in Richmond to represent you? Then look no further, as the answer to your search for a great lawyer is David Hunter.

When you hire David Hunter to defend you, you can rest assured of the final outcome in your favor. He can craft a solid game plan and fight for your rights in the most effective manner. The right lawyer in Richmond can ensure an extraordinary defense strategy and considers all the necessary evidence and other elements. In other words, the lawyer you need is David Hunter.

The lawyer you need is David Hunter.

As a former judge, David Hunter understands the absolute best defense procedures. With an extensive knowledge in criminal law, he is ready to conquer any kind of case. However severe your charges are, you can be at peace knowing that David Hunter is defending you.

With an experienced lawyer who is well-aware of the ins and outs of the legal system by your side, you are sure of a positive outcome. Call David Hunter to hire a criminal defense attorney who can put up an aggressive fight.


Charges Handled

It is crucial to know the capability of the DWI attorney in Richmond you hire to assess the result for your case. Many Richmond lawyers only cover general cases, but David Hunter is different. His many years of criminal defense and experience with many different case types gives him an advantage other Richmond attorneys don’t have.

David Hunter specializes in:

An Aggressive Approach to Criminal Defense

David Hunter works hard for your freedom and will not rest till he delivers it. As a defense attorney, he knows the importance of the right attitude in the courtroom. He understands that the attitude of the lawyer can make or break the defendant. The DWI attorney Richmond stands against the prosecutor who is your opponent in the trial and defends your rights.  David Hunter doesn’t back down and he will leave no stone unturned until the moment you get a positive outcome.

He will put up an aggressive defense and is passionate about getting his clients what they deserve. As you walk into the courtroom to stand up for your rights, you will be at ease when you have David Hunter by your side. In every case he handles, he strives hard to win your case or if you are guilty, he works to reduce the penalties. Whatever the nature of your case, he makes sure it gets specialized attention.

Hire David Hunter to have a knowledgeable lawyer and the best muscle on your end. If you want to win, David Hunter is your safest bet 100%.


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A good lawyer in Richmond makes sure that your case has a fighting chance. David Hunter takes it a step further by giving your case the attention and commitment it deserves to ensure you get the best outcome possible. With David Hunter, you can rest assured knowing your voice will be heard and your rights are protected. Get started today! Fight for your freedom with David Hunter as your defense lawyer. Call 281-265-1515 today or contact him online to schedule a free consultation. David Hunter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact him now!

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