You may not know this, but you could get arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Even so, only the best Sugar Land DUI Lawyer can get you out of such a tight spot and help your fight for your rights.


Getting Arrested for Marijuana DUI

In Texas, the state penal code states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while you are under the influence of marijuana. There is a lot of push towards making marijuana legal, but even if that happens, the law will not change. Even if you consume the drugs legally, the law will apply. In other words, you can get DUI on legal drugs.

However, there is no limit for the amount of marijuana you consume. In fact, small amounts in your test specimen means that you are under its influence. The prosecutor alone determines whether to charge you with marijuana DUI.

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Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana results in:


Studies are conducted to prove the effects of marijuana on the driver. While there are mixed reports, the law states that consuming drugs impairs driving abilities. NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) reported double the odds of fatal accidents when the driver uses drugs. Even several hours after usage, 7% of drivers have THC (found in marijuana) in their blood or urine.


“TCH increased physical discomfort and to compensate, drivers tend to drive more slowly.”

What to Do When Pulled Over for Marijuana DUI Sugar Land DUI Lawyer

When you are pulled over for marijuana DUI, know that:

All the prosecutor needs is evidence of the drug in your system. Drug Recognition Experts (trained police officers) are called in. They can evaluate impairment in your driving ability.


Find the Best Sugar Land DUI Lawyer

Find the right criminal defense attorney who specializes in marijuana DUI. Choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable about DUI laws. He must be able to fight tooth and nail for your freedom.

The next step is to gather your defenses. Find someone who can vouch that you were sober. Multiple witnesses means more defense for you. This is despite testing positive in drug test.

Your lawyer should be able to present you with great DUI defense strategies. He should protect your rights and reduce penalties. For example, you might plead guilty. This can bring the charges down to reckless driving. You can also present relevant facts of the event. Your lawyer will be able to present your case well.


Possible Penalties

You could face some harsh penalties if convicted. Marijuana-related driving charges depend on the circumstances.

1st conviction

2nd conviction

3rd conviction and beyond

If there is a minor with you, the penalties are more serious. Additionally, the officers may charge you with drug possession.

Contact Experienced Sugar Land DUI Lawyer David Hunter to Fight for You

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How to Navigate a Marijuana DUI Arrest in Texas | The David Hunter Law Firm – Sugar Land, TX

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