Almost 65,000 Texans are arrested for DUI every year. Many of them never see the inside of a courtroom.

Believing their DUI blood test results to be unarguable, too many Texans accept plea deals. While these deals may keep them out of court, they do nothing to alleviate the burden of heavy fines, jail time, and suspended licenses.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right lawyer, you can beat DUI blood test results. Keep reading now to learn how.

Understanding the DUI Blood Test

Blood TestLaw enforcement officers use gas chromatography to test arrestees’ blood in DUI cases. It is a far less straightforward process than most people would imagine. Here is a simplified overview:

  1. Law enforcement officers or health care workers take a sample of your blood
  2. Some of that blood is transferred to a second container and heated
  3. The alcohol in the sample evaporates into the free airspace above the blood in the testing container
  4. A sample of the gases in that free airspace is extracted and then burned
  5. Testers evaluate the way the sample burns and use the information to determine the amounts of various substances in the sample
  6. The characteristics of the sample are then processed digitally and printed out in the form of a chromatogram
  7. Law enforcement uses the chromatogram as evidence of their DUI claims

As you can see, there are numerous points during this complicated process at which:

A skilled DUI attorney understands this and can pick the process apart to cast doubt on DUI blood test accuracy.

How Challenging a DUI Blood Test Works

An experienced attorney can challenge DUI blood test results on several fronts. Depending on your case, they may argue that:

If your attorney can make a case for any of these complaints, they can move to have the blood test removed from evidence. In many cases, this eliminates or significantly weakens the prosecution’s case against you. Charges will then likely be dropped or reduced.

Why You Need an Attorney

Challenging a DUI blood test is not easy. It is not something that all attorneys can do successfully, much less an individual with no experience with the process.

To fight blood tests in a DUI case, you need a lawyer who deeply understands:

Choosing a good lawyer is critical whether this is your first time being charged with DUI or the latest in a string of DUI arrests.

Texas DUI Consequences

man in courtThe penalties for DUI or DWI in Texas are severe. First offenses for offenders over 21 years of age can result in:

These are only the first-line consequences, however. Arrestees struggling under the weight of these penalities can:

Second offenses for over-21 offenders can be even more crippling. Younger offenders must contend not only with these penalties but those inflicted by laws on underage drinking.

To make matters worse, Texas’s “zero tolerance” laws can leave drivers indicted for DUI “at fault” for accidents and other incidents regardless of any other circumstances. The resulting snowball effect can bury drivers whose only mistake was misjudging their ability to drive safely under years of financial debt, jail time, personal loss, and other consequences.

When properly viewed in that light, it is impossible to ignore the need to hire the best possible lawyer whenever you face DUI charges.

Finding a Lawyer 

When you are facing DUI charges, not just any Fort Bend assault lawyer will do. You need an attorney who knows DUI cases inside and out. Finding the right attorney can make or break your case.

The David Hunter Law Firm specializes in tough cases. In addition to being known as the best domestic violence lawyer in Sugar Land, we’re also the best option for a Fort Bend assault attorney or DUI cases. Our team has the experience you need to handle every step of your case.

We take care of everything, including:

Arrestees represented by an attorney do up to 90 percent better in court than those who represent themselves. Don’t risk your freedom, safety, and financial future on long odds.

Schedule a Consultation

If you or someone you love has been charged with DUI or DWI, don’t wait. Schedule a consultation today to learn how our attorneys can help you fight the DUI blood test results and get the positive outcome you deserve.


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