Drunk Driving Defense in Fort Bend County

The David Hunter Law firm recommends that anyone arrested for Sugar Land or Fort Bend County, Texas drunk driving offenses retain counsel as quickly as possible. An effective Richmond drunk driving defense can be positively affected by a quick and proactive response time:

  • Better chance of keeping your license
  • More time to evaluate evidence and formulate a strategy
  • Faster response for court documentation and proceedings

The Texas court system faces pressure to make convictions for violations of drunk driving laws. It is in a person’s best interest to meet this aggressive prosecution with a thoroughly planned and efficient Richmond drunk driving defense.

David Hunter is an experienced drunk driving defense attorney who knows how to work with drunk driving laws in Fort Bend County to help his clients aggressively defend their charges. He will fight for your license, your reputation, and your freedom. Charges and allegations of drunk driving offenses fall under driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) violations in the state of Texas. The DWI charge applies to adults while the DUI is reserved for minors under the age of 21. To learn more about drunk driving offenses in Texas, contact David Hunter using the form on the right.

Fort Bend County, Texas Drunk Driving Offenses

Drunk driving laws in Fort Bend County outline in detail the circumstances, procedure, and punishment for Texas drunk driving offenses. These laws outline what level of blood alcohol content (BAC) warrants arrests for particular drivers:

  • .02 BAC for minors 21 and under
  • .04 BAC for commercial drivers
  • .08 BAC for adults 21 and over

BAC is directly related to the size, weight, gender, and metabolic rate of any given individual. Alcohol affects people differently, both mentally and physically, and those that feel and appear quite normal may be above the legal limit. Keep in mind that the DWI and DUI charges also apply to both alcohol and drug (legal or illegal) intoxication. It is possible for a combination of prescription drugs and a small amount of alcohol to cause severe impairments or increase alcohol levels in the body.

Contact David Hunter online or call at 281-265-1515 for effective drunk driving defense in Richmond and Sugar Land, Texas.

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