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Drug Charges Attorney SugarlandIf you face drug charges here, you need an experienced drug charges attorney in Sugarland who will use the law to protect your rights and defend your freedom. In certain instances, how drugs were found or how information was obtained in narcotics trafficking and drug manufacturing cases will determine if charges should be dismissed or evidence suppressed at trial. Additionally, the use of questionable informants interested in telling investigators what they want to hear to avoid going to prison themselves raises serious credibility issues that can be exploited at trial. As your attorney, I expose hearsay, unsubstantiated claims and questionable actions on the part of police that compromise the claims of the prosecution. At my practice at The David Hunter Law Firm, I provide strong, aggressive and effective criminal defense representation.

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My firm represents clients accused of all types of drug offenses in Texas state courts, including:

A Former Texas Judge and One of the Most Experienced Drug Defense Lawyers

As a Texas judge, I used to sit in judgment of criminal defendants. I saw first-hand the weaknesses of some prosecution cases and the inadequacies of some drug defense lawyers’ efforts. I now use my knowledge as one of the most experienced drug defense lawyers to provide strong, aggressive and effective representation to those facing drug charges. I will begin your drug crimes defense effort by carefully analyzing and evaluating the prosecutor’s evidence. Of particular interest to me is the means by which the investigation and arrest occurred. Police and detectives make errors in their search and seizure procedures, sometimes even purposefully violating the law or your constitutional rights. Those errors can lead to a successful defense of your drug charges. I will take the time to explain your legal options and the likely outcomes of each legal strategy. Depending on the circumstances of the case and the evidence against you, I will either seek an outright dismissal of the drug charges, a reduction in the charges or fight for a victory at trial. If Drug Court is an option, I will pursue that option for you as well.

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Whether you have been accused of possession of a controlled substance (P.C.S.), delivery of a controlled substance (D.C.S.), possession of marijuana (P.O.M.), possessing drugs, selling drugs, growing marijuana, manufacturing methamphetamine or any other drug offense, I will fight to obtain the best outcome possible while vigorously protecting your rights at all times.

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