Needville Deputy Arrested for Drunk Driving

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  According to abc local news,  in March 2012, A Fort Bend County deputy was pulled over and arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and for Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon.  The deputy, Cassius Lott, was driving her personal vehicle at approximately 1 in the morning on Plantation Drive at Harlem when a Department of Public Safety […]

Drunk Woman Attempts to Run Over Houston Officer With Car

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According to the Houston Chronicle, 30-year-old Joana Jaqueline Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated assault after she tried to hit Ignacio Lopez, a Houston Police Department officer, with her car when he started to arrest her for public intoxication. Lopez had responded to a report of a trespasser from Rodriguez and a neighbor. He noticed […]

Statistics Rank Fort Bend County as Drunk Driving Capitol in the United States

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According to a recent article that was published by online news source,, agencies like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have considered Fort Bend County, Texas “the drunk driving capitol of the United States”. Nowhere else have there been more injuries, deaths, and arrests than in the Southeast Texas region. The article states that in […]

Texas State Students Night Life Problems

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The cancellation of Texas State’s Students with Alternative Transportation (S.W.A.T.) program in 2009 has left a gap in the city’s efforts to encourage safety on the roads. It has been shown that young Texas die at a much greater rate from injuries sustained in alcohol-related auto crashes than the rest of the population. There were […]

Dallas Mavericks Star arrested for Public Intoxication.

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Looks like celebrations may have gotten out of hand for at least one member of the Dallas Mavericks. Deshawn Stevenson, shooting guard for the newly crowned NBA Champs, was arrested Tuesday night – two days after the Mavericks upset the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA finals. The ESPN story is available here […]

Texas DWI Offenders Gets Life Sentences in Williamson County

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After multiple offenses a DWI charge can change from a blemish on your record into a life altering felony DWI conviction.  On June 16th, a Texas man was sentenced with 99 years in prison.  Arthur Ortega, a 48 year old from Austin Texas, was pulled over by an area police officer and was found to […]

DWI News From Austin

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For this legislation term, there were a total of six DWI laws reviewed. They included bills for ignition interlock devices for 1st time offenders, sobriety checkpoints, deferred adjudication, license revocation for 2nd time offenders, and alcohol detection devices for those on probation.  These were all in an attempt to persuade Texas drivers to stop driving […]

Texas Safe Harbor Protection

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Texas has government agencies in place to protect all of its constituents.  At a time when people aren’t spending a lot of money, bars and restaurants need safety nets.  However, what happens when an established business allows a customer to harm others or themselves?  This leads to possible legal action or loss of business. The […]

Texas Field Sobriety Test

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If you are pulled over for a possible DWI in Texas, you will have to take a field sobriety test. A variety of tests is available that you will be asked to complete.  You should be aware of them and their varying degrees of accuracy. The first is the one-leg stand test.  This is a […]