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When Do You Need a Sugar Land DUI Lawyer?

Sugar Land DUI Lawyer

How Much Do You Know About DUI in Sugar Land, Texas? If you’re facing a DUI in Sugar Land, Texas, you’re probably wondering if you need to hire a Sugar Land DUI lawyer. There are many factors to consider before deciding, even if your gut says to plead guilty. Here’s the bottom line. While you certainly don’t need a lawyer to plead guilty, you should certainly consult a DUI lawyer before making that decision. While it may appear as if Read More

The 3 R’s of Choosing Between Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys Fort Bend TX

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney When it comes to criminal defense attorneys in Fort Bend County, TX, it’s important to find an experienced, well-qualified criminal defense lawyer. Plus, if you’re facing criminal offense charges, you need to find one fast. Your criminal defense lawyer will be your personal legal expert. It is his or her job to help you avoid sentencing, or at least lessen the punishment. For example, your defense lawyer may be able to convince the court to charge you with a Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need a Drug Lawyer (Before You’re Charged)

Why You Need a Drug Lawyer Sugarland Richmond Fort Bend

Don’t Wait to Learn the Facts There’s a common misconception that you only need a drug lawyer after you’ve already been charged with a crime. However, the outcome of a drug possession or trafficking case relies heavily on what transpires at the time of your arrest. This is why it’s vitally important to speak to an experienced attorney as a way to protect your rights when facing violations related to drug charges, marijuana possession, drug trafficking. Before you get caught and Read More

10 Criteria for Choosing Between Fort Bend County Lawyers

fort bend county lawyers criminal defense attorney

Choosing Between Fort Bend County Lawyers When it comes to choosing between Fort Bend County lawyers, choosing the right criminal defense attorney can make or break your case. A good one will listen to your story, construct a powerful legal case, and stand up and fight for you. A bad one can cost you precious time and money, and worst of all, can land you in prison for a crime you did not commit. Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney Read More

Don’t Blow It When It Comes to a DWI in Texas

dwi in texas dui lawyer

DWI in Texas & the 5th Amendment When it comes to getting a DWI in Texas, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, and distinguished Law Enforcement personnel would all very much like you to believe that you are required to take a breathalyzer test during this type of traffic stop. They often bully people into thinking there is no other option. Ask any DUI Lawyer, however, and you will quickly learn that this is not Read More

Can a Drug Charges Lawyer Help with a Possession Charge?

richmond drug charges lawyer attorney fort bend county sugar land

Drug Charges Lawyer If you have been charged with the possession of drugs, you need to contact a drug charges lawyer like David Hunter immediately. In the meantime, it can be helpful to understand what you’re up against. Here are a few things to keep in mind as to what to expect regarding your charges and potential penalties: Quality Doesn’t Matter, But Quantity Does. When it comes to drugs, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been caught with drugs that have Read More

Where Can I Find a Richmond TX DWI lawyer?

DUI while parked

Richmond TX DWI lawyer In Texas, DWI is defined as any adult over the age of 21 driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or greater. The laws surrounding DWI are strict and you can feel extreme stress if charged. This can effect your work, physical and mental health and family relationships. As an experienced Richmond DWI attorney, David Hunter understands the devastation such charges can bring and he is here to help you, regardless of whether this Read More

What Can I Do About a Drug Possession Charge

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Missouri City Drug Lawyer If not handled correctly, just one drug possession charge can have effects that will ruin your entire life. If you are under 21, you risk losing your driver’s license, even if you aren’t charged with DWI. As an adult, you face jail time, loss of family and job. Years in the future, a prospective employer may see that charge and decide not to hire you because he is unsure if you are still on drugs. Unfortunately, Read More

POM Lawyer in Sugar Land Helps Those In Cannabis Trouble

best possession of marijuana pom lawyer in sugar land tx

POM Lawyer in Sugar Land Cannabis is a common drug used in Texas. In fact, many believe its use acceptable. Seeing so many others smoke the drug gives it an air of legality to some. Don’t be mistaken. Possession of marijuana (POM) remains a crime across the state. Those arrested know the serious nature of the charges. They may face jail time and a criminal record. Regardless of what society does about legalizing marijuana in the future, a conviction for possession Read More

Fort Bend DUI Lawyer Can Help Make Things Better For Non-Violent Offenders

best fort bend dui lawyer sugar land richmond missouri city

Fort Bend DUI Lawyer Not everyone who gets arrested is a criminal. It is sad that society automatically stigmatizes those charged with crimes as bad people. Few take the time to consider the infinite number of possibilities why a good, hard-working Texan might be in jail. Perhaps it’s mistake. The police thought the accused was someone else. Or, maybe the crime was something that even the kindest, gentlest person out there could commit. This latter category includes drinking while driving Read More

How to Find the Right Drug Lawyer

The David Hunter Law Firm

Sugar Land Drug Lawyer Not all defense attorneys are the same. Some specialize in different areas. If you have found yourself in a drug case, you need to find the right drug lawyer to defend you. But, which drug lawyer is the right one for you? This is a common problem many people face and is one the David Hunter Law Firm will help you solve. Today in this article we share ways you can find a great drug lawyer Read More

4 Common Misconceptions About Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Criminal Defense Lawyer A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who defends you in court. Anyone needing legal representation would do themselves well to look for a defense attorney to help them. However, media, movies, and TV shows have created many misconceptions about this type of lawyer. These rumors could cause you to shy away from hiring one. We want to debunk these misconceptions and share with you the truth. Misconception #1 – Public defenders are just as effective. The Read More

Crucial Steps to Take After a Drug Charge

Drug Possession Attorney

Drug Charge Lawyer It is wise to be prepared when it comes to the law. You should know your rights. It is crucial you understand the proper steps to take after you get in trouble with the law. Whether it was an accident or not, it is best to be prepared. Often what you do after an arrest can make or break your case. It could influence the amount of jail time or fines you have to pay and the Read More

You Got a DUI… Now What?

Did you know that drunk driving costs Americans more than $199 billion a year? Well, that is quite a lot of money! Especially for the ones who actually had to pay towards this amount. The cost of getting a DUI on your record has a lasting effect that goes beyond simply money. This will stay on your permanent record for up to 7 years. When you apply for a new job, this will show up in your background check. It Read More

Follow These Steps to Pick the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You!

Whatever your reason for needing a criminal defense lawyer, it is always crucial that you pick one that fits your needs. It could be you found yourself accused of something you did not do or was caught in a dispute that got out of hand. Now you are facing charges that could be minor or major, and you need a criminal defense lawyer fast. Before you just pick up the phone and pick the first one that you call, be Read More