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What to Expect When Caught DWI

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Sugar Land DWI Lawyer David Hunter is well versed in the legal industry and knows how best to defend against a DWI charge. Get a Free Consultation Now Having been behind the judge’s bench himself, his knowledge is truly vital when it comes to building your best DWI defense. Below, David details what one can expect when caught driving while intoxicated in Texas. It’s been a wonderful evening. You spent the night out with friends and family, enjoying yourselves, sharing Read More

5 FAQs About Drug Charges

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A good drug lawyer is much more than a legal assistant – they are your ticket to a good future and freedom! Did you know that over 50 percent of current inmates in our prison system are there due to drug charges? It is true that drug charges account for a huge amount of our prison population, and it is rising all the time. Have you been charged with a drug-related crime? Though the statistics can be scary, you don’t Read More

What to Do When Caught With Marijuana in Texas

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Don’t wait until you’ve been charged with drug possession to call a drug attorney. You need to figure out the right steps to take. It doesn’t matter why it happened; if you get in trouble with the law, it is extremely important for you to be prepared. You should know your rights and what to do in case you get a drug charge, and the right Sugar Land lawyer can help you avoid harsh penalties and fines. Consequences of Drug Read More

Benefits of a DUI Lawyer vs a Court-Appointed Attorney

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Why Choose a DUI Lawyer When it comes to DUI cases, having a dedicated DUI lawyer is essential to winning your case. Above all else, when it comes to handling DUI cases, especially in Fort Bend County, specialized experience matters. While you have a right to be represented by whomever you choose, it is key to understand which representation will give you the best outcome.   DUI Lawyers Can Commit More Time to Your Case Court-appointed attorneys are often not Read More

What to Look for When Choosing a Fort Bend County Lawyer

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Don’t Fear Legal Help Whatever your charges are, innocent or not, it’s important to find the right Fort Bend County lawyer to represent you. Your freedom is on the line. But how do you know what to look for when finding a lawyer to represent you? A good lawyer will listen to your story, construct a powerful legal case, and stand up and fight for you. A bad lawyer can cost you precious time and money, and worst of all Read More

What Happens When You Have a DUI in Texas

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Inform Yourself If you or someone you know has a DUI in Texas, it’s important to understand what’s going to happen. Staying informed and knowing what possible outcomes can prepare you before stepping inside a courtroom. It’s best to educate yourself and know any form of outcome with the severity of your DUI. First Offense If you are facing criminal penalties for the first time, then you need to know what follows. Let’s say you have fines that are not in Read More

How Domestic Violence Lawyers Help You

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Don’t Let Domestic Charges Ruin Your Life Accusations of domestic violence strongly affect all members of the family. In some cases, some accusations are true, while the others can also be false. These false claims can be the most hurtful of all. It is the job of domestic violence lawyers to make sure that these accusations are false and to make sure that they do not hurt you or your family. What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is when someone inflicts physical—and often Read More

What to Do When Your Child Is Facing Juvenile Charges

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Don’t Let Your Child Do This Alone If you or someone you know has a child who is facing juvenile charges, don’t panic. There are several specific and immediate actions can take to keep your child’s case moving in the right direction. We have seen these cases many times and have years of experience in helping families in need. Pay Bail, Then Write Down the Details The sooner you can get your child out, the better. Then, encourage your child to write down every Read More

A POM Lawyer for a Sticky Cannabis Situation

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Get the Help from an Expert If you’re charged with possession of marijuana, immediately hire a POM lawyer to represent you. Unlike some states in the U.S., marijuana is not legal in Texas. Not knowing that Texas is not a cannabis state doesn’t cover it. These charges can result to having a felony charge on your record! Take immediate actions before stepping into court. So, what actions do you need to take after your charges? Contact a POM Lawyer The first thing Read More

A Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney Who Fights For You

Be Ready Before Stepping into Court If you’ve run into the law, you may need help from a Sugar Land criminal defense attorney. No matter what happened, whether you’re innocent or not, you need an attorney to cover you in court. It’s important to have an attorney by your side and make sure you’re ready before stepping in a court room. You need to share your side of the story. What a Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney Covers Before entering a court Read More

9 Great Holiday DWI Prevention Tips

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Stay Safe This Holiday Season During the holiday season, it’s important to know some holiday DWI prevention tips. But let’s be real. If you’re in the Fort Bend County, then you know that public transportation isn’t easy to come by. Which is why it’s important to find alternatives to keep you and the people you love safe for the holidays. So, if you’re set on driving this holiday season, here’s 9 holiday DWI prevention tips to keep top of mind. Read More

Be Aware of Holiday DUI Statistics

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Stay Safe This Holiday Season The holiday DUI statistics are higher than any other time of the year. You go to a holiday party, there’s drinks served, and maybe you had a little too much to drink. Sometimes, it just kind of happens. Statistically, this happens more during this time of the year. What’s a DUI? First off, what is the difference between a DWI and DUI? A DWI is driving while intoxicated. The most important thing is that a DWI Read More

Set the Record Straight with a Fort Bend Expunction Lawyer

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Setting the Record Straight So what exactly is an expunction lawyer? We fight to drop or dismiss charges held against you. If you live in the Fort Bend County and need an expunction, David Hunter can help you. What Can an Expunction Lawyer Do? Having criminal charges can take a toll on your lifestyle. Not only can you have difficulty finding jobs that will hire you, but other things, like education and leasing also become a problem. Applying to schools will Read More

Finding a Sugar Land DWI Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

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Don’t Face a DWI Charge Alone DWI charges are a very serious matter with serious consequences. If it’s your first conviction, it can be a scary issue to face by yourself. Do you or someone you know need a Sugar Land DWI lawyer who will fight for their rights? David Hunter is here to help you get your life back to where it was before your charges. Why Choose David Hunter For a Sugar Land DWI Lawyer? David Hunter was Read More

Do You Need a Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney?

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Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney Chances are you’re searching for a Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney because: You were previously placed under arrest in Fort Bend County, TX. You want to clean your criminal record. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Fort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney, David Hunter, breaks it down for you. Criminal Record Expunction What Is Expunction? Criminal record expunction (also known as ‘expungement’) is the legal process of removing a criminal arrest record from public Read More