How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

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The last place anyone wants to be is in jail. It’s a frightening experience, but bail bonds can help. The first action to take after contacting your Fort Bend bail bonds lawyer is to remove the accused out of jail by paying their bail.

You’ll want to hire an experienced Fort Bend bail bonds attorney to help you secure bail for the accused before they can be released.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cost of bail bonds when your loved one gets arrested.

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How Much Do Fort Bend Bail Bonds Cost?

person in handcuffs getting arrestedHow it Begins

When you are arrested, you will be booked or processed into police custody. From there on, the court lawyer will meet you and determine a bail, which is a set amount of money you have to pay in exchange for your freedom.

If you get arrested for a minor offense, you will be given a written citation and released after signing the citation. You have to promise to appear in court at a later date, as stated in the citation before being released. If you are not given the citation, you will go through the bail and bond procedure.

“Bail is a set amount of money you must pay in exchange for your freedom.”

Arraignment and Own Recognizance Release

After being processed into police custody, the next step is an arraignment where you will be read the formal charges and allowed to arrange for your release. At this time, the primary concern of the authorities is that you show up for all your future court dates.

During some instances, you may be eligible for release on your recognizance. This means that you promise in writing to appear in court on a particular date. If you are released on your recognizance and fail to show up on a court day, a warrant of arrest will be issued against you.

When deciding on granting their recognizance release, a judge considers the following:

  • The seriousness of the crime.
  • Your criminal record.
  • Whether you pose a danger to the community.
  • You tie to the community (if they can help you escape).

What is Bail?

In some instances, a written promise to appear in court may not be enough to be released, and the court may want a financial guarantee that you will appear in court for all your scheduled criminal proceedings.

Bail is the process of paying a particular amount of money to obtain release from custody. As part of your release, you promise to appear in court throughout your case proceedings. If you show up in court as promised, then your money will be returned. But if you fail to attend the scheduled court proceedings, you will be subject to arrest, and the bail money will be forfeited.

Your Fort Bend bail bonds lawyer can help you through this process.

“With bail bonds, you end up paying about 10% of your total bail cost instead of your full bail.”

2 books and a gavel on a wooden tableFactors Considered When Granting Bail

Bail proceedings vary from court to court, but in most instances, a court must have a bail hearing to determine whether to grant you one or not. In rare cases can a court completely deny your release. During the bail hearing, the court will consider the following factors:

  • Your physical and mental condition.
  • If you are not in good health, then the court may be forced to release you on bail.
  • Your financial resources.
  • If you are capable of paying the bail demanded by the court, then you will get released on bail.
  • Any previous record concerning appearances to court proceedings.
  • Your criminal history.
  • Any history relating to alcohol and drug abuse.

Apart from monetary bail determination, the court will impose restrictions on your release, such as limiting your travel, revoking gun ownership privileges, enforcing a curfew and psychological testing and treatment.

How Bail Bonds Work

Once the bail amount has been set, a particular percentage has to be paid to the court. In most cases, you can pay in cash through the cashier’s check. Upon payment of the bond, the court will issue a notice ordering your release.

However, if you cannot afford the bail costs, you can seek the services of a bail bondsman to pay and cover for the bail bond. The bond agents will charge a non-refundable fee of 10 to 20 percent of the total bail. In return, the bail bond agent will pay the remaining amount of money if you fail to appear in future court proceedings.

In most cases you can pay in cash or using a cashier’s check.

US dollarsHow Much Do Bail Bonds Cost?

Reduced amount paid for bail is the most significant advantage of hiring a bail guarantor. You end up paying as little as 10% of the total bail. For example, a court may set bail at $20,000 and a bail bond cost of 10%. So, you end up paying $2,000 instead of $20,000 with a bail bond agent.

Fort bend bail bonds can help secure your release if you have been arrested within Sugar Land and surrounding counties. The bail bondsmen are ready to assist with the payment of your bail for a non-refundable fee of 20% of the total bail.

Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bondsman:

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a bail bondsman:

  1. Money saved can be directed to legal fees.
  2. You get the chance to secure the quick release of a person from jail, reducing the chances of getting assaulted.
  3. It helps the accused to be in a better position to prove their innocence.

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