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You may not realize it, but hiring a Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney could the best thing you ever did to help your case. Read on to see how a Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney could be the winning difference you need.

The DWI That Changed Everything

Your son is about to graduate high school with a full athletic scholarship to his first choice school. You could not be happier for him, or prouder! He worked so hard over the last four years. He had tons of late night practices and even later study sessions.

As he prepares for the next phase of his life, you witness something you wish you hadn’t: Your underage son getting a DWI.

As the situation unfolds you begin to panic about his future. Could his dream college take away his scholarship? What about his after-school job? Could they fire him if he’s convicted? What if he has to settle for a second-tier school?  More importantly, what if no school or job accepts him? Would his adult life be on hold forever?

Someone to Guide You

Being arrested for driving under the influence, especially while underage, can jeopardize everything. The bright future your son once had is now looking bleaker. A DUI conviction could not only derail his scholarship, but also his chances of finding work. His adult life could be over before it starts.

What’s worse, there is all the legal jargon that makes it hard to understand the facts. How will you know the what’s what? What you make a mistake in the process that only complicates thing further?

A good Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney will be one that guides you through everything. Not only what your son is charged with, but also the actions you as a family should take to take to ensure a good outcome.

More importantly, they’ll be able to ease all your anxieties. A good Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney will explain everything, but a great one will hear everything. Your fears, your questions, and everything in between.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Devote Themselves To You

If you’re wanting to save some money you might be considering using a court-appointed attorney. Before you do, there is something you should know. Not only is there a shortage of them, they’re so overworked they can’t devote the time you need.

Attorney Tina Pang wrote in an opinion piece to the Washingon Post about the issue. She said that the shortage is so massive that recently graduated public defenders who’ve just passed the bar are given cases far beyond their experience.

“The week I passed the bar in 2013, I began representing people facing mandatory life sentences on felony charges.”

Image handing your case over to someone who’s not yet gained the valuable experience they need to aptly defend your son. They could make serious mistakes that will change the course of your son’s life forever.

Not only will a Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney have experience, but they will also be able to get the answers to important questions like:

  • Was there, in fact, a crime committed?
  • Is there evidence our client was involved?
  • Is the evidence based on fact?
  • Are the witnesses credible?
  • Can our client be legally punished for this crime?
  • Are there any other logical explanations?
  • Did the police follow standard procedure?
  • Was the evidence legally obtained?

Justice cannot be served unless these questions get answered. A great Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to answer them.

Hire David Hunter as your Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney today!

David Hunter is a seasoned Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorney with ample experience as a prosecutor and a judge. He will use his extensive education, skills, and knowledge to defend the rights and freedom of people accused of drunk-driving, drug offenses, juvenile crimes, and other misdemeanors and felonies. If you need a criminal defense attorney, don’t wait! Call (281) 417-3117 or click below get the help you need.

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