The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Bend County

David Hunter

Now that’s quite a claim to make, even if David Hunter was a Texas Judge who watched defense attorneys run rings around prosecutors, and honed his skills accordingly. There simply is no attorney who has a right to claim the title of the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend. Let’s consider the evidence and see if you agree the decision stands

  • David Hunter is a tried and trusted legal adviser who seeks optimum routes through procedural minefields, and wins his cases quicker and cheaper as a consequence of trying harder.
  • He is also a determined protagonist who deserves his reputation of hunting down errors, discrepancies and omissions in charge sheets and witness evidence, and shredding prosecutors’ cases in determined style.
  • David Hunter’s time on the bench allowed him to observe Texas prosecutorial culture, and spot ways to drive a 4×4 through charges. As the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend he is the one that prosecutors fear the most.
  • This makes him an exceptional ally for anyone accused of drunk-driving, drug offenses, juvenile crimes, and other misdemeanors and felonies. If you are facing prosecution and you need an attorney, call (281) 265-1515 now.

David Hunter is also rock-solid when it comes to understanding the subtleties of criminal law. On his path to arguably achieving the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend status he achieved his Juris Doctorate in 1989 (with Honors and Deans List) and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas the following year.
Other awards he has achieved include being a two-time recipient of the Houston Bar Association’s accolade for outstanding contribution, and yes, receiving the Reader’s Choice award for “Best of Fort Bend Attorney: Best Attorney – Personal Injury”. As David Hunter likes to say, “Case dismissed. Debate over”.
To contact this remarkable man with his feet rooted firmly in the community, just phone (281) 417-3117 and tell the response center, “Connect me to the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend, and tell him I have a difficulty that only his legal skills can solve.
When you sit down across the desk from David and explore the options for speedy resolution, you discover a deeply caring man who is compassionate outside the cut-and-thrust of Fort Bend courtrooms, and genuinely keen to assist his clients.

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