Texas Tech’s Darrin Moore gets Pretrial Diversion for DWI

Beer with keys

The Texas Tech wide receiver Darrin Moore was pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving in April of this year. ESPN reports that he was subsequently suspended from the team last month because of this arrest.

He has agreed to enter into a pretrial diversion program as this is his first and only criminal offense. The terms of this agreement state that he will commit no new offenses, refrain from further consumption of alcohol, he will talk about the dangers of alcohol abuse with students, he will complete 40 hours of community services and he will also donate a sum of $500 to the Lubbock Boys and Girls clubs.

If Moore successfully completes the pretrial diversion program, the pending charges against him will be dropped and there will be absolutely no conviction recorded on his record.

Moore’s suspension from the football team only lasted for one game, as he was placed back on the playing roster for the season opener against Northwestern State. Moore played well and finished the game with a total of five receptions totaling over 70 yards and two touchdowns. His team, the Red Raiders, was victorious with a 58-10 win.

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