Former Texas State Representative Accused of DWI

Texas Legislature

Jack Stick was a former state representative for the state of Texas in Austin.  He also spent time as municipal judge in the city of Bee Cave in Travis County.  His most recent position is as the deputy inspector general for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.  He had seen a lot of success in that position, overseeing an increase in Medicaid fraud cases.  Unfortunately for Stick, he was arrested in September under suspicion of DWI.  And now, much like most people who are arrested for DWI, he is now fighting to keep his job.

Jack Stick

The HHSC was able to confirm Stick’s arrest on September 11th, but was unable to say if Stick was driving while intoxicated.  “He notified his boss of the situation immediately and that he had taken a blood test,” HHSC’s spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman said. “At this time, we’re still awaiting those test results. Once we get the results, we’ll decide if any personnel action is necessary.”  Employment in the United States is generally “at will” if there is no written contract for long term employment, meaning that there is no need for a cause for terminating employment.  A situation regarding a DWI can be the difference in continued employment for many people just like Stick.

Regarding his arrest at 10:44 pm as he left a steakhouse in downtown Austin, Stick was very specific about his thoughts.  A statement that he released said: “Although I appreciate the caution exercised by the officer, I am confident blood test results and other evidence will vindicate me.”  If you have been arrested for suspicion of DWI, then it is important to contact legal representation right away.  Reaching out to an experienced DWI defense attorney in Fort Bend county can be the difference between losing your job and not when facing a DWI charge.

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