Drunk Woman Attempts to Run Over Houston Officer With Car


According to the Houston Chronicle, 30-year-old Joana Jaqueline Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated assault after she tried to hit Ignacio Lopez, a Houston Police Department officer, with her car when he started to arrest her for public intoxication.

Lopez had responded to a report of a trespasser from Rodriguez and a neighbor. He noticed that during the interview, Rodriguez smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and unsteady balance, and acted aggressively toward him. Rodriguez attempted to get into her vehicle, and Lopez ordered her to get out of the vehicle, believing that she was too drunk to drive, and intending to arrest her for public intoxication.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez refused to exit the vehicle, even when Lopez placed a handcuff on her left arm, and ultimately slammed the vehicle into reverse at a high rate of speed, pinning Lopez between her open drivers door and the cabin of the vehicle as the car reversed. Lopez freed himself; Rodriguez then accelerated directly toward Lopez, who was forced to duck between two apartment buildings for cover. Eventually, Rodriguez gave up her pursuit of Lopez and drove off, handcuffs still dangling from her left arm. Rodriguez remains at large, and when arrested, will be held on $30,000 bail.

As this case illustrates, what started out as a relatively minor public intoxication charge turned into a drinking and driving incident, and then into an aggravated assault case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to help you avoid the negative consequences of your charges. Alcohol, which plays a role in many crimes, can motivate people to act aggressively and cause harm or attempt to cause harm to others. If you are accused of committing an alcohol-related crime in Texas, you are well-advised to contact a Fort Bend, Texas DWI and criminal defense attorney for help.

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