Man Pleads Guilty of Intoxication Manslaughter and Assault

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Almost two years ago, a bad decision cost a teenage girl her life.  Hector Gramajo was recklessly speeding and ran a red light in his pickup truck on July 26th 2009.  Driving north on Saint Cloud St.  in San Antonio, Gramajo slammed his truck into the side of a carful of teens.  15 year old Andrea Blanco was behind the wheel of a Nissan Altima with her stepsister, April Davila, who was 13.  In the backseat was a boy named Jose Trevino, 14, and his sister Karissa Trevino, 13.

Hector Gramajo

Witnesses to the accident noticed beforehand that Gramajo’s truck was traveling way too fast.  Rene Riojas was traveling with his wife when they saw a blur of a pickup truck pass.  “He flew by me. He was going fast, real fast…I mentioned to my wife that he was going to have an accident,” said Rene Riojas.  His comments turned out to be prophetic because it was at the next intersection where the accident occurred.

The accident resulted in Andrea Blanco sustaining injuries that proved to be life-ending.  She died at University Hospital two hours after the crash occurred.  Andrea’s step sister April suffered chest injuries and bleeding in her brain from the accident.  She made a recovery from her injuries.  The two other teenagers in the car only had minor injuries.

Gramajo was charged with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.  The maximum sentencing for both charges totals 30 years.  Hector Gramajo’s blood alcohol content was .11 even three hours after the crash.  Between that fact and other eyewitness testimony, Gramajo was found guilty.  On July 2, 2012 Gramajo was sentenced to 12 years for intoxication manslaughter and assault.  Facing possible criminal charges for DWI or similar allegations is the best time to reach out to a skilled Houston DWI defense attorney.

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