Alcohol-Related Collision with Horse-Drawn Carriage Leaves One Dead, Four Injured

Motorcycle police

KRIV Fox Houston recently reported that 21-year-old Michael Shane Grayson has been charged with intoxication manslaughter and four counts of intoxication assault after his car collided with the back end of a horse-drawn carriage in Galveston. As a result of the accident, a Sugarland man who was a passenger in the carriage was killed, and the remaining four occupants of the carriage were all taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Witnesses report that Grayson initially tried to flee the scene, but they held him at the scene until authorities arrived. Grayson admitted that he had been drinking earlier in the day, and failed a field sobriety test administered by police. Grayson later submitted to a mandatory blood draw at a local hospital.

When person drives while intoxicated, DWI is not the only criminal charge that may arise. Unfortunately, a person in this situation runs the risk of not only harming him or herself, but also of causing serious injuries or even death if a vehicle collision occurs. Where, as in this situation, a vehicle slams into a slow-moving horse-drawn carriage, the risk of harm for all parties involved is quite high. When a fatal collision occurs due to a driver’s intoxication, the driver will almost certainly face very serious criminal charges.

Criminal charges such as intoxication manslaughter can result in substantial terms of imprisonment, loss of driving privileges for a long period of time, and other negative consequences. Anyone who is accused of such a crime should immediately retain the services of a Sugarland, Texas criminal defense attorney who can help you build a strong defense against the potentially severe penalties associated with these sorts of criminal charges under Texas law.

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