Texas Woman Seen Driving Unsafe, Causing Accident

Crashed Car

Police were trying to perform a routine traffic stop after noticing an unsafe turn on the night of August 4th.  Around 11:40 pm, a white Pontiac Grand Prix was driving in Corpus Christi late on a Saturday night.  The police turned on their sirens, which is when the driver tried to flee the scene.

The driver sped away at a high rate of speed and refused to stop for the police officers.  After the car nearly hit another vehicle on the road, the police officers decided to call off their chase.  It was their determination that the possibility of a lethal accident made the pursuit too dangerous to continue. The officer turned off their emergency lights and returned to the speed limit.

The driver of the Pontiac Grand Prix did not follow suit.  They drove at a high speed, ran a red light and struck a pickup truck carrying two teenagers.  While the two eighteen year old men were not fatally hurt, they were transported to the nearby hospital.  The police were able to stop Kimberly Balboa at that point.  The 28 year old showed signs of driving while intoxicated when interviewed by the arresting officer.  She was booked for evading arrest in a vehicle and intoxication assault.

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