Drunk Driver Severely Injures Girl in Vehicle Collision

Car Accident

A 29-year-old Cleveland man is facing intoxication assault charges in the Harris County District Court after he allegedly drove drunk at least 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit and caused a collision that led to significant injuries. Witnesses reported that Charles Christopher Roberts was driving his black 1998 Saturn at about 70 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone when he flipped off another driver and sped past him. The story in the Houston Chronicle reported that Roberts slammed into the back of a yellow Ford Mustang that was stopped while waiting to make a turn.


A 13-year-old girl, who had been riding as a passenger in the Mustang, was trapped in the wreckage for over two hours following the collision until she could be extricated. She was transported to a local hospital with two broken legs, a crushed pelvis, and a broken back.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy on the scene stated that Roberts smelled strongly of alcohol and he observed that Roberts had glassy eyes and unsteady balance following the accident. The deputy administered field sobriety tests, parts of which Roberts failed, and Roberts later admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the collision. Blood tests following the collision revealed that Roberts had a blood alcohol content of 0.09, which is above the legal limit for driving. Roberts remains in custody in Harris County on $30,000 bail.

Unfortunately for Roberts, what could have been a relatively simple DWI conviction has turned into a much more severe crime. While the penalties for DWI are serious, and are likely to include loss of an individual’s license, fines, and potential jail time, the penalties for intoxication assault can be much more onerous. An knowledgeable DUI defense attorney can help minimize the consequences of a DWI conviction, so it is important to contact one immediately if arrested. Roberts could face a significant period of incarceration for the serious injuries that the young girl suffered in this crash, which was directly caused by his actions in driving while intoxicated and speeding well beyond the posted speed limit

If you become involved in an accident that causes injuries and are accused of drunk driving, you should immediately seek the counsel of an experienced Sugar Land, Texas drunk driving lawyer for help. You will need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to assist you in building the best defense possible against these serious charges.

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