Texas Woman Facing Felony DWI Charges

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One young Texas woman has been charged with felony intoxication after a DWI accident that injured a police officer. Early on the morning of April 22, 2012, 25-year-old Calli Dretke rear-ended a Blood Alcohol Testing Van that was parked on the side of the road. According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, the van had responded to an officer’s call for back-up in dealing with an unruly prisoner that was being transported.

After hitting the van, causing extensive damage, Dretke continued to drive, and her vehicle clipped two patrol cars. One sheriff’s deputy jumped on top of his car to avoid being hit, but one of his legs was not completely clear of Dretke’s car and ended up broken. (The officer is expected to fully recover.)

Following her DWI crash, Dretke was arrested and transported to the local jail. She spent at least a day behind bars, as bond was not posted. She now faces felony DWI charges; intoxicated assault on a Peace Officer.

According to multiple sources, Dretke is not a habitual DWI offender; this is her first DWI offense. She has no other criminal record. Although she seemingly made some very poor choices on the day in question, if convicted of DWI, she will pay for her actions. In cases like hers, the assistance of a top Texas DWI defense lawyer are invaluable. A  skilled DWI defense attorney can fight to get DWI charges dropped or reduced, and can advocate for their clients to receive the least sentence possible.

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