Statistics Rank Fort Bend County as Drunk Driving Capitol in the United States

Drunk Driving

According to a recent article that was published by online news source,, agencies like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have considered Fort Bend County, Texas “the drunk driving capitol of the United States”. Nowhere else have there been more injuries, deaths, and arrests than in the Southeast Texas region.

The article states that in 2009, Fort Bend had 16 fatalities, which accounted for 37 percent
of all traffic fatalities in the surrounding areas. The Texas Department of
Transportation reported that DUI and DWI, drunk driving accidents were the
cause of 20 fatalities and 214 injuries. Residents in Fort Bend are outraged
about the increase in drunk driving fatalities. More action needs to be taken
according to Dave Anderson, a Sugar Land resident. “There is a need for more
citizens to stand up against this violent crime against our children as they
get off a school bus, and all of us as we travel and go about our daily lives.”

MADD has organized an Action Group of volunteer citizens to focus on creating awareness
in Fort Bend County, about the dangers of drunk driving. The community plans to
stand together to help law enforcement put an end to drunk driving.

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