Tis the Season to Have a Safe Holiday in Texas


Holidays are always a nice time.  Visions of carolers, gingerbread houses, family visits and holiday parties dance in our heads when we think of the holidays.  Texas Department of Transportation is making an effort to advertise the benefits of keeping these holidays safe for people on the road.  Throughout the month of December, office break rooms, convenience stores, bars and restaurants, gas stations and movie theaters will use advertisements from TxDOT, urging Texans to celebrate responsibly.

“The holidays can mean many things to Texans, including family dinners, office Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve festivities. As we celebrate the season, we’re encouraging motorists to keep the holidays merry and to plan a sober ride home,” said Carol Rawson, TxDOT Traffic Operations Director. “That’s why, throughout the month of December, ‘don’t drink and drive’ reminders will be popping up online as well as at locations where alcohol is served or purchased.”

Through radio spotsTV commercialsbillboards and a site available on Facebook, Texas is making a public service announcement.  An announcement that is derived from the facts that:

  • In Texas during December 2010, more than 33,500 traffic crashes injured 18,159 people and killed 247 more. Alcohol was involved in 87 of those fatalities.
  • 1,102 were the result of alcohol-related crashes out of the 3,024 fatalities on Texas roads in 2010. This makes alcohol a factor in 36.4 percent of the traffic fatalities in Texas.
  • January 1st was the deadliest day on Texas roadways with 25 people killed in 2010. 17 were alcohol related out of these 25 deaths.

Not only is the Texas Department of Transportation paying for media to get this message across, they are also are putting men on the streets to enforce it.  Maintaining the image that some of the media presentations might be in good fun but the message is much more serious.  If you can’t be safe during the holidays, you may be in more trouble than it’s worth.  If you find yourself in that situation be sure to contact a Texas DWI attorney.

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