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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

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Finding a reliable criminal defense lawyer who understands the Fort Bend County bail bonds system is essential when confronted with a criminal case in or around Sugar Land, TX. Although the term bail bond is quite common in criminal law, very few people really understand what it is all about. You know that it has to do with someone paying some money to secure the release of someone else from jail in the duration of a trial. While this is Read More

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

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The last place anyone wants to be is in jail. It’s a frightening experience, but bail bonds can help. The first action to take after contacting your Fort Bend bail bonds lawyer is to remove the accused out of jail by paying their bail. You’ll want to hire an experienced Fort Bend bail bonds attorney to help you secure bail for the accused before they can be released. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cost Read More

Should You Take a Plea Deal?

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In a time of need, especially if you’re facing domestic violence charges, you should contact a domestic violence lawyer to fight by your side. When you are caught in a legal situation, you want to get out of it as fast as you can! What is the first solution that comes to mind? Accepting a Plea Deal. Now, many people do this agreement, but is it the right choice for you? With the help of your domestic violence lawyer, you Read More

What is Considered Domestic Violence?

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Many people have a misunderstanding of the words “Domestic Violence.” A domestic violence lawyer can help you in the circumstance that you are being charged with any form of abuse with a partner. The key is to understand what domestic violence means.  To some, this is when you have been suffering from your spouse/partner physically hitting you. Others may think it’s when one might push you or touch you aggressively. To other people, domestic violence will be when you are Read More

Can Lawyers Defend Criminals They Know Are Guilty?

Committing a crime can be something that goes on your record forever. In some cases, you might think that you will never find a solution to your case. Going to jail or even committing a crime can be very harmful to your record and can have many consequences that can come as a result of this. In a legal battle like this, you are scared, frightened, and nervous not knowing what your options are or what is the best solution Read More

Should You Admit Guilt to Your Defense Attorney?

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With a Sugar Land defense attorney by your side, trust that you’ll find the best possible defense for your case. Having to face a trial is an unfortunate circumstance. You may have mixed emotions initially when you first go to see your attorney. While you narrate the sequence of events, there may be some parts that you inadvertently omit, or maybe there are other details you choose not to disclose. But, even if you are guilty, it is in your Read More

How to Stay Safe on the Road

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As attorneys who work closely with the families and victims of car accidents in Sugar Land and throughout Houston, we urge drivers to stay safe during holidays. However, if you ever find yourself pulled over, your safest line of defense would be to contact the best DWI lawyer. After all, holidays are a time for celebration with friends and family, and not a time to deal with the tragic consequences of a car accident. Road Crash Statistics in Texas One Read More

Don’t Drink and Drive – St. Patrick’s Day – Houston Rodeo

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Our best DWI lawyer in Sugar Land has some golden advice for you as you gear up for the festivities this holiday season: don’t drink and drive. Make arrangements to have a safe ride back home. According to DUI holiday statistics, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest drinking days. In the same month, every year, the rodeo kick-off makes record alcohol sales. A report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) states that alcohol is the cause of Read More

What happens if you get in an accident while drunk?

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You’re searching the phrase “DWI lawyer Fort Bend” and you can’t believe it. It was just a few drinks and you thought you could manage on your way home. Then you hit that sign and crashed… into another vehicle. On top of the guilt and regret you’re also feeling panicked. “What comes next?” you think. “What do I do?” Thankfully, the right DWI lawyer in Fort Bend can help you navigate a DWI with grace and save your future. Read Read More

Will DUI Affect Child Custody?

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Dealing with a separation is already painful. Adding to that, you could be facing a child custody battle. Then you get a DUI and start to panic. What if you lose your kids over this? Could this hurt you in the divorce proceedings? Are you afraid your DUI charges may affect winning custody of your children? In order to avoid penalties or going to jail, you need the best DUI lawyer. Learn if your DUI offense can impact your chances Read More

Will DUI Affect My Security Clearance?

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“I need to hire the best DUI lawyer immediately!”. This is what runs through your mind as you pull over, looking at the red and blue lights behind you. You’ve only had a couple of drinks with your friends and this is your first DUI offense. There is no doubt your situation is unfortunate. However, you have bigger things to worry about. You’re applying for your security clearance at work and are now scared about the consequences of your DUI. Read More

How Serious is a DUI

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You’ll need the best DUI lawyer to fight for your cause when charged with DUI-related cases. For many people, driving is a way of life and is essential for their daily activities. Getting a DUI record or having the driver’s license suspended can put a damper on their spirits. As it states, driving sober is the only way to avoid getting pulled over. But do you know that you can get a DUI even while parked in your car? There Read More

How Long Is DUI Probation

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When facing a DUI probation, you usually don’t know what to expect. In general, the probation depends on the nature of your violation and whether there are other violations on your record. In most cases you could face a maximum sentence for your original conviction. Ultimately, the decision of how to punish your violation belongs to your probation officer and the judge. The length of probation can be from as little as six months to as long as two years for Read More

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol in a Car?

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Open container laws have got you thinking. You know you can’t drink and drive, but could you drink while another person drives? Suppose you finished off a beer while your friend drove you home. Is that legal? Or would you get in trouble? If you want to know if passengers can drink alcohol in the car, read on. Get Help with Your DWI Today The only thing that matters in the eyes of the law is that a bottle of Read More

Texas Open Container Law

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Open container law is something you thought you understood. But as you’re now discovering, there are a few things you need to learn about Texas’s open container law. If you want to avoid a fine when pulled over, read on. Get Help With a DWI Even if you’re not drinking it, don’t have open alcohol in your car. The Pull Over You and your friend just left a Total Wine liquor store. It’s been a hectic week for both of you Read More