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Can Passengers Drink Alcohol in a Car?

open container law

Open container laws have got you thinking. You know you can’t drink and drive, but could you drink while another person drives? Suppose you finished off a beer while your friend drove you home. Is that legal? Or would you get in trouble? If you want to know if passengers can drink alcohol in the car, read on. Get Help with Your DWI Today The only thing that matters in the eyes of the law is that a bottle of Read More

Texas Open Container Law

Texas DWI defense attorney

Open container law is something you thought you understood. But as you’re now discovering, there are a few things you need to learn about Texas’s open container law. If you want to avoid a fine when pulled over, read on. Get Help With a DWI Even if you’re not drinking it, don’t have open alcohol in your car. The Pull Over You and your friend just left a Total Wine liquor store. It’s been a hectic week for both of you Read More

DUI vs DWI: What’s the difference?


DUI vs DWI. You’re over at your friends house when he suggests trying this new beer his father got. You’re hesitant at first, until your friend says, “Come on, dude, it’s just one beer.” “True. But I drove here,” you say. “Couldn’t I get a DWI or whatever?” “Nah,” your friend says. “It’s literally one beer. I bet the cops couldn’t even tell you drank anything.” Unfortunately, you learned your friend was wrong on the drive home. Not only did you Read More

DUI: What to Expect in Court


DUI vs DWI. You never thought you’d need to Google that phrase, but after last night, you have you too. You and your friends had met up at a usual hangout for a quick drink to catch up. But as the night wore on, the only thing doing catching up was your blood-alcohol-content. Your friend had suggested you grab a ride home, but you thought otherwise. And now you’re paying for it. As you sift through the sea of information Read More

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