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Texas Teacher Arrested for DWI

Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer, DWI

Need a Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer? You did it! You finally completed your first year as a high school teacher. As you and your colleagues leave the high school for summer break, one suggests celebrating at a local bar. You’re hesitant at first, but then think, “What’s the harm? it’s not like a little drinking can really change anything.” What you find out later as you get pulled over for a DWI: if you don’t find a Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer fast, there Read More

What’s the Texas DWI Limit?

Texas DWI limit

You meet a friend at a bar after a tough work week. You drink, have a few laughs, then start to part ways. As you stumble to your car your friend says, “Dude, I don’t think we should be driving. Let me get an Uber.” “Nah,” You say, “we’re probably not even over the Texas DWI limit. We’ll be fine.” Your friend knows you’re both not fine, but he’s not one to fight it. So you both get in your respective cars and Read More

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