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Statistics Rank Fort Bend County as Drunk Driving Capitol in the United States

According to a recent article that was published by online news source,, agencies like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have considered Fort Bend County, Texas “the drunk driving capitol of the United States”. Nowhere else have there been more injuries, deaths, and arrests than in the Southeast Texas region. The article states that in 2009, Fort Bend had 16 fatalities, which accounted for 37 percent of all traffic fatalities in the surrounding areas. The Texas Department of Transportation reported Read More

Texas DWI Suspects Appear on Social Media Websites

Texas DWI Suspects Appear on Social Media Websites Being arrested for suspicion of DWI is bad enough.  Names are released in newspapers and in some cases on billboards in Texas.  Relatively untapped were the social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Texas District Attorney Brett Ligon raised eyebrows when he decided to Tweet all DWI arrests through his public Twitter account. Former County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor and current Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam thought of doing this as Read More

DNA Test Closes 17 Year Old DWI Case

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing, also referred to as genetic fingerprinting, is a powerful technology used by prosecutors to identify criminal suspects and may be used in robbery, attempted murder and homicide cases.  Every person, with the exception of an identical twin, possesses a unique DNA structure which scientists use for identification. The probability of two individuals sharing the same DNA pattern is less than one in 30 billion under ideal testing conditions.  DNA testing thus provides a virtually certain positive Read More

New Contract for Breath-Alcohol Testing in Houston, Texas

New Contract for Breath-Alcohol Testing in Houston Harris County Commissioners Court on Tuesday dropped a two-decade-old breath-alcohol testing contract with a private laboratory, in spite of claims that the district attorney’s office had pushed for the change in retaliation against a former police lab supervisor’s court testimony. The court unanimously voted to hire the Texas Department of Public Safety for all the Harris County Sheriff’s Office breath-testing needs, choosing to not renew a contract with Lone Star College. Court members deferred responsibility for the Read More

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