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Radio Host Jeff Ward DWI Case Dropped

Famous people are not above committing crimes or being caught in compromising positions.  The problem often arises when these people are treated differently than normal people.  This might be the case after popular drive-time radio host Jeff Ward’s DWI charges were dropped. On June 9, Jeff Ward was pulled over for excessively speeding around 11 PM.  There is no clear evidence whether he submitted to a field sobriety test or he declined.  The arrest affidavit claims that he did not, Read More

Texas Airs Others’ Dirty Laundry on Billboards

Missing children have graced the sides of milk cartons in years passed.  Wanted posters have been on display at post offices since time immemorial.  Texas has made the use of wanted signs even more public than these other examples. Billboards threaten drivers in Texas with the assertion “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail,” but now digital billboards in the San Antonio area will feature the names and photos of suspected drunken drivers who are pending arrest.  Any calls to the tip Read More

Texas State Students Night Life Problems

The cancellation of Texas State’s Students with Alternative Transportation (S.W.A.T.) program in 2009 has left a gap in the city’s efforts to encourage safety on the roads. It has been shown that young Texas die at a much greater rate from injuries sustained in alcohol-related auto crashes than the rest of the population. There were 25,032 alcohol-related crashes that resulted in 1,057 deaths in 2010. Those crashes resulted in 16,877 injuries. The 20- to 25-year-old group in Texas accounts for Read More

Houston Police Department Scandal

The Houston Police Department has a history of problems.  In 2003, the entire laboratory staff was found to be severely deficient in the training and requisite knowledge to work in a DNA lab.   They are again subject to another probe concerning their laboratory work.   After a decade of such scrutiny, the Houston Police Department is experiencing a renewed interest in its testing practices.  So much so, that thousands of cases from the Houston Police Department in the last 25 Read More

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