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When I left my judicial bench to work as a DWI lawyer and Criminal Defense lawyer, I started The David Hunter Law Firm with one goal in mind — to give my clients a strong, aggressive and effective criminal defense.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney and former Texas judge, I have seen first-hand just how complicated a successful criminal defense really is. To mount an effective criminal defense, an attorney must not only have an extensive knowledge of Texas criminal law, but he must also possess an in-depth understanding of the procedures and strategies used by the police and prosecutors to convict those charged with having violated the Texas criminal laws.

Prosecutors and police have a large number of resources available to them like crime labs, psychologists, medical professionals, forensic experts, team of investigators, all kinds of equipment and financial resources to fund investigations.

Consequently, it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney who can establish a balance of power in the court room. I have the necessary knowledge, skills, education and experience to serve as your criminal defense attorney while we fight your Texas arrest and criminal charges.


Ensuring Integrity as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, regardless of guilt or innocence. To ensure that my clients receive the representation they need and deserve, my practice is devoted exclusively to criminal law. I represent clients in regard to the following:

An Aggressive Texas DWI Lawyer

A conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas is not only financially expensive, but it also can have a long-lasting negative effect on your relationships, your lifestyle and your career. Because of the serious consequences you will face if convicted of drinking and driving or drunk driving, you need an experienced DWI lawyer to zealously fight your Texas DWI arrest.

As an experienced DWI lawyer and former Texas judge, I know that a successful DWI defense is possible in many cases. The police often make mistakes and there can be significant legal or scientific defenses available, too. In some cases, your charges can be reduced or even dismissed.

When your rights and freedom are on the line, you need a strong, aggressive and effective criminal defense. As your criminal defense attorney, I will fight hard to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

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