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When I left my judicial bench to work as a Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer and criminal defense attorney specializing in Criminal Law — including DWI, Drug Charges, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Charges, and Criminal Record Expunction — I started The David Hunter Law Firm with one goal in mind — to give my clients a strong, aggressive, and effective criminal defense.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney and former Texas judge, I have seen first-hand just how complicated a successful legal defense really is. To mount an effective defense, however, an attorney must not only have an extensive knowledge of Texas law, but he must also possess an in-depth understanding of the procedures and strategies used by the police and prosecutors to convict those charged with having violated the Texas criminal laws.

Prosecutors and police have a large number of resources available to them like crime labs, psychologists, medical professionals, forensic experts, team of investigators, all kinds of equipment and financial resources to fund investigations.

Consequently, it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney who can establish a balance of power in the court room. I have the necessary knowledge, skills, education and experience to serve as your criminal defense attorney while we fight your Texas arrest and charges.

Ensuring Integrity as Your Fort Bend Defense Lawyer

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, regardless of guilt or innocence. Therefore, to ensure that my clients receive the representation they need and deserve, my practice is devoted exclusively to criminal law.

I represent clients in regard to the following:

DWI / DUI Defense Lawyerfort bend dwi dui defense lawyer sugar land missouri city

DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, is a misdemeanor for Drivers over 21 and a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of +.08. It carries steep punishments, fines, and even license suspension if found guilty. When combined with a traffic accident involving bodily injury or worse, the charge can even become a felony.

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, on the other hand, is reserved for Drivers under 21 with ANY level of alcohol in their system. BAC +.01. (Texas Zero Tolerance Policy.)

Whether innocent or guilty, having an expert DWI / DUI Defense Lawyer is essential for establishing your innocence, fighting for your rights, or negotiating an appropriate sentence. Call me today at for a free Fort Bend DUI/DWI consultation 24/7.

Drug Charges Lawyerfort bend drug charges lawyer sugar land missouri city

Drugs are pervasive in our society. And while drug use can negatively impact your health, criminal drug charges can negatively impact your future. Possession of marijuana (POM) and drugs carries high fines and sentencing. Even worse, however, is drug trafficking, especially to minors. Plus, did you know that any assets or property acquired through proceeds of illegal activity (such as drug dealing), can lead to immediate seizure and forfeiture of cars, homes, and other property, not to mention frozen bank accounts?

Having an experienced drug charges lawyer is crucial for proving your innocence, advocating for your rights, or negotiating an appropriate sentence.

Domestic Violence Defense LawyerDomestic Violence Lawyer Sugar Land TX

Domestic violence is a serious matter, not to mention difficult for the whole family. In some cases the accusations are true, while in others they are not. It is up to the courts, and the domestic violence lawyers representing the case, to separate fact from fiction. I represent both men and women accused of domestic violence and abuse. I ensure that my clients are treated as innocent until proven guilty, throughout the process, and that their rights are dignity are respected, no matter how serious the accusation.

Don’t put your future up to chance. An expert domestic violence lawyer can help prove your innocence, or negotiate an appropriate sentence.

Juvenile Charges Attorneyfort bend juvenile charges lawyer sugar land missouri city

Criminal charges are a serious matter for anyone. This is never more true than when that someone is your son or daughter. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for teens to make bad decisions. Sometimes it is a decision to simply to hang out with the wrong crowd. Other times it is to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Establishing fact from fiction, as well as criminal intent, is a critical job of a juvenile charges attorney. In fact, ineffective or unskilled representation can lead to many life-changing difficulties, including expensive fines, lifestyle restrictions, difficulty finding employment, difficulty obtaining college entry, and worst of all, incarceration.

Contact me today to learn how a juvenile charges attorney can make a difference in your son or daughter’s legal case.

Criminal Record Expunction AttorneyFort Bend Criminal Record Expunction Attorney Expungement

If you’ve previously been placed under arrest in Fort Bend County and want to clean your criminal record, then you are going to need an expert criminal recrod expunction attorney. This is the legal process of removing an arrest from your public record. There are many reasons why and how you are allowed to clean your criminal record. It is my role as a Criminal Record Expunction Attorney to help you do that quickly and efficiently.

Call me 24/7 at to learn about how a criminal record expunction attorney can help clear your public record.

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If you need a qualified Fort Bend criminal lawyer & criminal defense attorney who will fight for you, your rights, and your freedom, then look no further. I will use my experience, knowledge, and skill to give you the legal fight you deserve. Contact me today for a free consultation. You can contact me online or at (281) 265-1515, 24 hours a day.

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